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Murtazin: Apple is long, it rests only on the strength of the brand

Leading analyst Mobile Research Group Eldar Murtazin predicted the demise of Apple. About the gloomy prospects of the iPhone maker Murtazin told in the 184th edition of the podcast “the post meal digestif”.

Discussing the advent of cheap Chinese smartphones in the global market, Murtazin noted that Apple has little to offer in technical terms, and maintained only by brand.

“Apple is doing due to the power of the brand. They have been brainwashed not very bad to many people and will stay on the thumb, ” said Murtazin. – When the Apple brand for one reason or another will be attacked or questioned, it is like a house of cards will collapse very quickly.”

According to the forecast of the expert, the California sunset Empire planned “in this decade”. “Everyone talks about it,” he said.

The journalist said that Apple may boast of good sales of their products. However, in the Corporation itself new problems arise.

“Within the company such confusion and vacillation. They are good from the point of view of business, profits, sales, and other things. But from the point of view of common sense – it’s bad,” said Murtazin. He gave as an example the recent rise of Jonathan Quince to chief Director of Apple design. With the new appointment at the end of may Ive became the third leader after CEO Tim cook and CFO Luca Maestri.

“When Jonathan Ive starts freaking out that he’s only the President, but he wants to be Chief Design Officer and give him the position. In fact, with all the same opportunities that he had. But this is nonsense,” – said Murtazin. Is vanity”. As far as improving Apple’s design chief due to the imminent collapse of Apple, the analyst said.

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