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Murtazin about Samsung Galaxy S7: Apple comes to the use of such technologies until years later

The analyst Eldar Murtazin, who has studied new flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 edge, called the device “little masterpieces”. According to him, the introduction of such innovations from Apple will take several years. This opinion he expressed in his review of Korean novelties.

“From an engineering point of view these devices are small masterpieces, is ladled out to them the latest technologies and made them work, the analyst writes. Is not superfluous to note that other companies, and the first head of Apple, reach for the application of such technologies in the years ahead, they just don’t have the opportunity to do something like that.” According to Murtazin, the iPhone maker too much lagging behind in developments, and “this is evident in almost every piece of iron”.

In a quick review, Galaxy S7 analyst said that each new generation of flagships from Samsung “brings new technology and sets the bar for performance”, the Korean smartphone calling “the most functional decisions of all.” He praised the camera module of the Galaxy S7, which, in his opinion, is a breakthrough. “This will allow Samsung to maintain a competitive edge in this area, other Samsung devices are approaching photocast, but chase or not,” said Murtazin.

In General, the analyst, known for his criticism of Apple, several times turned to the iPhone. He admitted that Samsung is following Apple moved to a two-year cycle design. So as the Galaxy S7 is similar to last year’s devices, it can stop many from buying. “People think that stand out with the help of this apparatus will be difficult,” he said. Speaking about the glasses that cover the screen and the back surface of the Galaxy S7, the analyst noted that “it is possible to break any piece of equipment.” “Just remember how easily I screens on the iPhone and how much is replacing them with 6/6s,” said he.

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Finally, Murtazin has denied these “Coherent” and “Beeline”, called the iPhone 5s the most popular smartphone in Russia in 2015. According to him, the Galaxy S6 is sold in our country is better than top-end smartphone Apple three years ago. However, he is surprised by the popularity of smartphones Apple outdated. “Choice of three models for me remains a mystery, but people see some sense,” he said.

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