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Multiwindow multitasking Multify now compatible with iOS 8.4 [Cydia]

The developers Joel Einbinder and John Corbett announced an updated version of the software additions Multify, implements for iPhone and iPad full-fledged multi-tasking. Now a feature-rich solution for jailbreak devices available to owners of gadgets with iOS 8.3 and 8.4.

In accordance with the concept of programmers, smartphones and tablets from Apple’s can display multiple applications. Optionally, the user may display on the display in the Windows of additional tasks, such as Instagram and YouTube. You can read Twitter and simultaneously view the event on your calendar, surf the Internet and play Sudoku. There are lots of programs where users would like to keep before the eyes of several of open “Windows” to perform tasks in parallel.

The window size can be altered and moved around the screen on your own – move up and down or remove from the screen. While running applications will work, for example, when watching YouTube videos will not stop, you will hear the sound and be able to work with music. There is an opportunity at any time to switch from one window to another and receive an instant response.

Multify went out early in the year for devices with iOS 8.1. With the release of the last update multiwindow multitasking is earned on the latest versions of the OS and got two new features: the window is now “stick” to the edges of the screen when dragged; there was a regime of free movement and zoom Windows by migrating to the iOS status bar.

To evaluate the concept of multi window mode for iPhone and iPad can be installing from Cydia latest version of the tweak. Development from BigBoss will cost $5.

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