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MUL.MASH.TAB.BA.GAL.GAL – perfect time killer

So, stop! Yes, right now – stop trying to turn the page. We understand you: I saw a set of letters, “what’s going on”, well, the finger went further – what is there to see. In fact, it is not so obvious – the game with this incredible title was made by the Studio, behind which there are some absolutely great projects, so that their new exercise in madness should not go unnoticed.

But first and foremost – about the portfolio. Who five years ago discovered mobile gaming is a brilliant Pizza Vs. Skeletons, he now understands what all the fuss. And who a few years ago I surprised wit The Executive, to him at all then you can not read – he has already clicked on the link. Because these two games is an absolute milestone in mobile entertainment, and their authors have released a new app – this is now, Yes.

The project can be called a game but it is really about performance; rather brainless labeling. Are the following: you are transported to seven thousand years ago, when, according to the authors, the ocean plied (for some reason holographic) crabs, clams, and deep sea fish. Creatures hard climb out (evolve?), but they interfere with all the force you.

Or rather, your two… the game calls them paddles, we take the word “racket”. The racket on the sides of the screen one left and one right. Manage just – in hand on every instrument to refer to this simple layout, the authors even made a separate video. The movement is also simple – carry your shells up and down to hit the ball, rushing between the two edges.

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The ball destroys those beings, they are passively crawling up from the bottom hoping to reach, apparently, of the surface. But there it was: you need to accurately shoot the projectile to raschistit powerful fish and invertebrates; sometimes on the way to meet pearl shell. Themselves water not dangerous, but only if you don’t miss your otherwise “escaped” being seriously mow the strip of life; missed a few pieces, you lose.

This is a basic mechanics, but it’s great diluted with a bunch of additional vignettes. For example, bonuses – one will freeze a fish, the second will add another ball, the third one will put fire to all living things (water is not a problem!). With bonuses not only lighter, but also brighter: the game is fascinating even not tech image and the riot of colors and special effects – eyes not to tear. And, of course, shared madness – is immediately evident that these same people once devoted a separate game battle pizza with skeletons.

After each level, the internal accountant will calculate how many you beat out coins that can be immediately down on the upgrades: increase the life bar, add the speed of the ball or the force of the blow. Or you will be prompted to change the racket – there are a lot of options, and each good in its own right.

Cost MUL.MASH.TAB.BA.GAL.GAL (we deliberately ignored in order not to injure the psyche you) to 229 rubles, which is a lot of fun, but quite enough for this level of the game – not the RPG for 140 hours, but the application definitely will bring you a ton of joy.

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