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Much does it cost to bring the app into the top 25 App Store

Analyst firm Fiksu has published a report on the mobile market. This time special attention was given to cost, required developers to go top of the online store App Store in different countries of the world. It turned out that the most expensive in the country – the USA.

According to the study, the conclusion is in the top 25 us App Store may cost $ 200,000. That’s how much, according to analysts, will have to spend on promotion of mobile games or applications. In neighboring Canada, this amount is much less – 15 000 dollars.

In Europe the most expensive for withdrawal of application top in App Store Germany. To get to the top of the local chart you will have to pay 65 000. For the UK this amount is 45 000 U.S. dollars, for France – 30 000 dollars. The most affordable country in the survey – Thailand and South Korea. The output is in the local App Store top is worth 10 000 and $ 7 000. In order to get into the top 25 apps in Brazil, will have to pay 35 000 dollars.

A good sale is not the only factor affecting the position of the app the App Store rankings – there are other reasons. For example, it may be just a good day for downloads. Analysts say that Thursday is the best day to achieve the top lines of the chart, because on that day least of all downloads in the App Store. On the other hand, Saturday is the hardest day to exit application in the top, as the weekend users much more attention is paid to searching for new programs, and competition between software prevents breakthrough to the top.

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