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MTS will sell individual base stations – femtocells

Operator MTS has opened sale of femtocells, subscriber base stations of low power, allowing to expand the coverage of the cellular network. This is reported by “Vedomosti”, citing a company statement.

Femtocells allow to improve communication in the corners of buildings, basements and other places with no cell service. To create a sustainable network coverage, MTS subscribers can connect a small device the size of a usual router to wired Internet, then the femtocells within 7-10 minutes it automatically setup and establish a secure connection with the MTS network. The cost of femtocells is 7 000 rubles.

The decision is relevant to residents of apartment buildings and private homes, in areas which hampered the passage of the signal from external base stations due to the nature of the landscape, natural building, application of metallic materials in the finishing and construction of buildings.

At the end of 2013 MTS in experiment begun selling femtocells in Moscow and decided that the sale successful, we decided to extend the experience of the whole of Russia. During the half year the operator has implemented in the capital, 1500 femtocells, the same normal base stations were installed in the capital over the same period.

Since 2010, the operator also sells femtocells to corporate clients. By September 2015, MTS sold 4 000 of these devices. Now the company is equipping the femtocells of the trains to improve communication in tunnels.

Representatives of the cellular operators argue that they do not sell to private customers femtocells. Tele2 reported that it did not sell or intend to sell such devices in the “Beeline” and “MegaFon” said that the quality of their coating makes femtocells are out of date. Customers should not have to pay extra for the fact that their mobile operator has no coverage, said operators.

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