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MTS will launch the service with 130 channels and browsing from mobile devices

Russian mobile operator MTS has developed the service “MTS TV” to have the ability to access the Internet TVs. As told by a company representative Dmitry Solodovnikov, the application will launch in August and will allow users to watch more than 130 different TV channels.

To start working with “MTS TV” service must be installed from the special section in the TV menu. Users will be able to watch on other devices: smartphones, tablets, computers. With place-shift channel, you can start browsing on one device and then switch to another. The service supports set top box Google Chromecast, integrated with social networks and has the function of personal recommendations.

After installing the application the user must register, having received the password in an SMS message to your phone. Payment can be made via SMS (for MTS), Bank card or different payment systems.

The cost of using the application will be 15 per day (or 450 rubles a month. This subscription provides access to 130 channels and 100 feature films. Additional packages with TV for animated films or movies for adults”, will cost 6 rubles a day each.

Install “MTS TV” originally only owners of Smart TV from LG. Agreements with other major manufacturers — Samsung, Sony, Panasonic and Philips — the operator is planning to conclude before the end of 2015. The app will be available to all owners of TV sets with access to the network, regardless of which service operator they use.

Partner mobile operator in the project was the company SPB TV. The source also reported that MTS and SPB TV will share revenue from the service, specifying the operator would receive more than 50%.

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