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MTS suggested by the “law of Spring” store traffic is not all Russians, and individual users

MTS proposed in the framework of the “law of Spring” store traffic is not all Russians, but selectively on request of law enforcement. The proposal was made Vice-President, corporate and legal issues Ruslan Ibragimov.

“I would maybe not exclude the point of view of the organization of this system (storage of user traffic – ed.) on the model of broad coverage, as is now proposed, the mass coverage of the entire population and of all traffic of this population, and, perhaps, on the model of the sample, at the request of law enforcement,” Ibrahimov said at a meeting of the expert working group of the Federal level under the government of the Russian Federation.

“I mean revision system SORM (system of technical facilities for conducting operational-search activities — ed.). Now there are three types of SORM, we can on this basis to expand the functionality of Sorma, satisfying the requests of the relevant authorities”, – he explained.

In addition, Ibrahimov proposed to consider the possibility of reducing the storage time of the traffic (now the law provides for up to 6 months) and to conduct a pilot project on the implementation of the package.

In turn, the Director of “MegaFon” for relations with state authorities, Dmitry Petrov, said that the package must be substantially modified, and this may require the postponement of its entry into force.

“It must be substantially modified to clarify the types, the amount of stored information, and most importantly – to study the scenario of transmission to a state of functionality for the collection and storage of traffic. This will improve the efficiency and safety, since all activities will be concentrated in one authority using common technology. It is possible that it is necessary to postpone the entry into force,” he said.

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Earlier, the Ministry of communications has proposed to reduce the data storage volume on the “law of Spring” ten times. MTS was supported by decline in store traffic due to the exclusion of Internet video, torrents, IPTV.

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