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MTS refuse from unlimited tariffs on the Internet after Yota

MTS considers the possible increase in prices in the mobile market, pass “Vedomosti”. Speech, in particular, rate plans with unlimited mobile Internet. MTS plans to raise the prices of these fares or to abandon them in 2017. In addition, the leadership of the MTS allows for the possibility to reduce the size of mobile Internet traffic to the normal packet rates.

The rates or options that allow subscribers to transfer data without limit, through 2016 introduced all the operators. MTS opened to connect its first tariff with unlimited mobile Internet called “Smart betlemitas” in may 2016. Now it is at such rates account for the majority of a new connection operator.

The ability to review the prices of mobile communication can receive MTS in connection with the completion of the “price war” in the mobile retail sector and failure of the operator from expanding its retail network, the newspaper notes.

To monetize the data transfer the operator by reducing the size of traffic in packet rates, for example, instead of 5 GB to give you 4GB for the same price, experts say. The main objective of MTS if you change the value of the mobile Internet is to reduce the size of traffic in packet rates and simultaneously increase revenues from mobile Internet in the LTE standard (4G).

Russian operators will gradually abandon unlimited tariffs, predicted earlier the head of “Beeline”. The operators simply have no other choice, he said: 3G networks are already congested and 4G networks are loaded very quickly. The first of them in the end did not Beeline, Yota. In late January, the operator has introduced a new tariff range, where unlimited Internet access was gone.

The representative of “Beeline” Anna Imasheva believes that an unlimited data plan, in fact, turned into a marketing tool and in fact the real consumption of the traffic to them is not much higher than the normal rates. Unlimited tariffs are holding back the further development of the market, as the consumption of mobile Internet is growing, however, in the case of unlimited plans are equally paid and active users, those who use the Internet a little, she explains.

MegaFon confirmed the arguments of the MTS. Does the “Megaphone” to abandon unlimited data transfer and reduce services in the packet rates, the company said.

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