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MTS recognized as the most dishonest statement

“Public consumer initiative” organization for the protection of consumer rights, called the unfair MTS carrier in Russia. This conclusion was made after researching the campaigns of domestic cellular providers.

The basis of this research is based on how the authors ‘ methods and materials obtained from the Federal Antimonopoly service. After studying for a promotional video MTS, experts pointed out inaccuracies and hidden information, which introduces consumer confusion. We are talking about those “stars” and the fine print that are not perceived by consumers.

By a wide margin in the rating was occupied by MTS. During the reporting period, the company has received 40 violations. For example, the company offers Samsung Galaxy J1 mini prime for 3990 rubles, and the actual cost of the set of communication services starts from 5681 rubles. If services are not needed will have to give 5990 rubles. MTS has also prosecuted for the Nokia Lumia 635 is a cost 5990 rubles, while the actual cost of the kit starts from 7040 rubles.

On the second place of the rating is occupied by “MegaFon” with 28 deficiencies. At almost the same basis of subscribers in Russia, MTS is much faster than its nearest competitor in the number of frauds per client. In third place is “Beeline” – 22 violations.

Fourth place with a score of 4 violations is a Yota. Well, was the most honest Tele2 – he found only one violation, so while statement if you believe the report that adheres to the stated principle of fair prices.

The main violations is the cost of the devices. The is a large font indicates some amount for a particular smartphone, however, come to the salon and buy it for the advertising money it is impossible. To the device almost always suggested to purchase a SIM card of the operator-included services.

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If the user refuses to impose the services, he or refuse to purchase, or offer to pay the full cost of the device. Technically, the phone gets announced in the advertising cost, and all I ask in excess of that credited to the account. However, on this point reported in small print, to read which is almost impossible.

FAS follows a similar advertising, but the penalties for operators are only a few hundred thousand rubles, which is the crumbs from the background of advertising budgets. It is not excluded that the cellular company immediately lay the possible penalties in the budget.

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