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MTS launched a new tariff for “smart” devices

Company MTS launched a new tariff for connecting “smart” devices. This is reported by “Vedomosti” with reference to the representative of the company Dmitry Solodovnikov.

It is a “smart” clocks, alarms, water leaks sensors, onboard computers, etc. the Rate is 470-670 RUB per year (39-56 RUB per month) depending on the region. For the money the customer will get 300 MB of traffic for your unit in a month, as it will be able to send 30 SMS service, and security systems provided 30 minutes of usage.

Similar MTS offers corporate clients, but private users – for the first time.

How many SIM-cards with new tariff plans to sell MTS, Solodovnikov says, noting only that the Internet of things will eventually become one of the catalysts for new connections. According to a person close to MTS, by 2020, the operator plans to connect 1-2 million smart devices a year.

Alternative proposals in Russia yet, I’m sure the managing partner of AC&M-Consulting Michael Alekseev. “Beeline” offers a rate Signal in which 365 RUB per year you can connect a telematics device to the network but traffic beyond 5 MB per month will have to pay separately, he notes, and “MegaFon” offers to individual users only ready-made applications and services in the package “Smart house”.

Megaphone said that “Smart home” allows free use of the traffic system, smart home Control Life – she appeared at the end of 2016 and it is already enjoyed by thousands of subscribers. The potential of this segment is enormous: the number of “inanimate subscribers” may at times exceed current base cellular companies, predicts it.

According to AC&M-Consulting, in 2016 the number of SIM cards used for communicating automation devices, increased by 57% to 10.6 million, and the revenue of the operators from their service by 25% to RUB 7.6 bn. Until IoT is the connection (device) accounts for 4% of registered in Russia SIM-cards and less than 1% of the revenues of the operators. The entire Russian market of hardware, software and services for IoT AC&M-Consulting estimates that 85 billion rubles.

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