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MTS has promised twice to speed up mobile Internet

In Russia the day before passed the first Federal frequency auction. On the first day of the auction, MTS won the frequency of the 2595-2620 MHz range in all regions of Russia, except Moscow, the Moscow region, the Crimea and Sevastopol, offering them at 3.97 billion.

In the specified range can work in mobile networks fourth generation LTE is a relatively rare modification Time Division Duplex (TDD; for data reception and transmission, alternately use the same frequency band). Such networks are already in Moscow MTS and MegaFon. Subscribers of MTS it is used mainly to log in to the Internet using modems, but since October 2014 – and even with the iPhone 5.

“We affirm that victory in the auction for Federal lot. We won, because has offered the highest price for the lot, far exceeding the starting. We continue to work on increasing the speed and improving the quality of LTE services for our customers and therefore are interested in expanding the available frequency spectrum,” — said the representative of the operator Dmitry Solodovnikov.

As write “sheets” referring to representatives of MTS and Roskomnadzor Dmitry Solodovnikov and Vadim Ampelonskiy, opponents of the company “Beeline” and “MegaFon”. The initial auction price was $ 2.94 billion roubles, MTS offered only a 35% premium.

MegaFon did not fight for the victory in the auction because the price offered by a rival, exceeded his own estimate of the fair value of frequencies, said his spokesman Yulia Dorokhina. Technology TDD is less common in Russia than FDD and supporting subscriber devices is very small, indicates a representative of “Beeline” Anna Imasheva.

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MTS won the frequencies in other regions will be added to the other of its LTE frequency range-MHz 2500-2700 working in a more common modification of the FDD (Frequency Division Duplex; for receiving and transmitting signals using different band). Their MTS won the competition back in 2013, it is on them all the work of its LTE network in the regions and the main part of the Moscow network. Collecting both frequency ranges, MTS plans to accelerate access to the Internet from mobile devices up to two times, promise in the company.

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