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MTS has launched unlimited access to YouTube and

MTS has introduced a new tariff for unlimited mobile access to YouTube video, Vkontakte, Ivi, KHL, Zoomby, NTV, RuTube and Amediateka. This is reported by “Vedomosti” with reference to the representative of the operator Dmitry Solodovnikov. Its price is 3 rubles per day, that is about 90 rubles. per month, to connect its subscribers are on their own.

For streaming video accounts for around half of the traffic on the networks of MTS, that is, in fact, the subscriber spends on video half your traffic package, he says. Since the beginning of this year, MTS does not disclose the average revenue per subscriber per month (ARPU). According to the calculations of the General Director Telecom Daily Denis Kuskov, in the III quarter 2016 this figure amounted to around RUB 375 Thus, unlimited access to video services can increase ARPU actively using their MTS and have activated this option by 24%, he said.

Earn extra for the unlimited Internet access is trying not only MTS. From 1 November 2016, “Beeline” introduced at rates of family “All” option of free access to the LTE network. It is automatically enabled, after the subscriber has downloaded the free 10 MB of data through LTE network. Option can be turned off – then the Internet traffic will be consumed within the package rate selected. The first two day option is valid for free, and then the operator will charge the subscriber for 3 rubles per day – that is, monthly subscription also costs about 90 rubles.

If we compare the options of MTS and “Beeline”, the proposal “Beeline” seems more profitable: the subscriber receives free traffic to access any resources, not just to multiple media services selected by the operator.

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Special rate for certain types of content to introduce more appropriate than the zero cost of access of a technology: 2G, 3G, LTE, says Solodovnikov. MTS was also tariffs, with unlimited access to LTE, but then she decided to abandon them, he says. This practice can result in the uncontrolled spending of the subscriber, for example when he while viewing a video, without knowing it, moves from the coverage area of the LTE network to 3G.

On all “heavy” package tariffs Tele2 offers subscribers no-charge access to social networks and WhatsApp, mobile Tele2 TV (including free view 50 TV channels) and Zvooq, lists representative Konstantin Prokshin.

Subscribers of “MegaFon” is available free app “Megaphone.TV”, which enjoys over 1.5 million subscribers, said its representative Julia Dorokhin. For subscribers of the line “All inclusive” traffic this application is not charged: they can watch free not only 50 channels, but from one to four films a month (depending on tariff), she said. Also in the application “MegaFon.TV” subscribers can watch TV shows Amediateka and Russian series, adds Dorokhin.

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