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MTS first among mobile operators launched HD-Voice throughout Russia

Operator MTS announced the launch in the GSM networks of MTS in the regions of Russia transfer technology to the voices in HD format to enable the users to have conversations in high definition. The technology ensures a clear voice, no distortion in the voice and intonation, improve recognition of sounds, and also creates a noise canceling effect.

MTS has activated the HD-Voice technology on the territory of all Federal districts, where there are GSM networks. The new technology requires no additional configuration by the user and are free for subscribers.

HD Voice improves the quality of voice traffic transmission in cellular networks and allows you to broadcast the speech with minimal distortion, providing high voice intelligibility, speech intonations and original timbre. Use a new codec AMR-WB (Wide Band AMR), extends the transmission channel frequencies in GSM networks several times to range from 50 to 7000 Hz and above, which is close to the natural range perceived by the person at the hearing.

MTS became the first operator to launch HD-Voice technology in all the regions of Russia in a network “third generation”. At the moment the opportunity calls in HD-quality support devices of the main manufacturers of phones such as Apple, Samsung, Alcatel, STC, Microsoft, Sony, LG and many others.

“Today almost 80% of the calls from MTS mobile phones are for calls within the network, the introduction of the technology of HD Voice will improve the characteristics of the conversation for our existing subscribers. We see a significant growth of popularity of HD technology-Voice in Russia today, several thousand models of smartphones support conversations in high definition, and the volume of calls in HD-quality increased by 40 percent on a quarterly basis. The first running transmission technology voice high-definition on the territory of the country in 3G and in 2G, MTS confirmed its status as an innovative operator of Federal scale” — said Vice-President of MTS on technology and it Andrey Ushatsky.

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In June of this year “Beeline” for the first time by providing support for HD Voice on calls between the subjects of the Russian Federation by running the mode on 3G between Moscow and St. Petersburg.

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