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MTS and “Euroset” and “Svyaznoy” was accused of lack of promised discounts on smartphones

At the end of March and in early April, the largest Russian mobile retailers have announced the reduction of prices for smartphones by 40% in MTS, 25% in Euroset, 24% in the “Connected”. However, as stated analysts of Rbc, the Internet-store prices have decreased by an average of only 5%. Representatives of the companies stated that there are discounts in offline stores.

Heaviest smartphones [online stores] fell at “the Megaphone” — on 7%. In “Euronetwork”, “Messenger”, MTS and falling prices were the same — about 5%, in the “Beeline” — 4%. Among smartphones, which reduced the price of most retailers, online-stores, — devices of HTC, Lenovo, LG, Sony and Apple. Them discounts ranged from 2 to 20%, but the cost of many devices from a range of sellers has not changed, so the average rate of decline in prices generally remained in the range 5-7%.

Analysts analyzed the prices of the smartphones available on the websites of retailers on 29 March and 25 April for the Moscow region. The calculations take into account the prices only to devices that were in existence as at both these dates. As a result, in the sample were 90 smartphone from the online store “Euroset”, 257 — MTS, 354 — “Coherent”, 261 — “Beeline” and 154 — “MegaFon”.

The representative of MTS did not agree with the calculations, refusing to explain the differences. “The messenger” and “Euroset” in the calculation of the price reduction (according to the retailers, 24 and 25%, respectively) take into account the “weight” of each model in terms of its popularity among customers. For example, modification of the Apple smartphones at a discount of 12% are bought by the thousands, and the less popular model In the brand, albeit with 30% discount, — tens, so when calculating the average “weight” of the Apple will be higher, said a representative Svyaznoy Maria Zaikina.

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Representatives of other retailers declined to comment on the methodology.

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