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Mr. Money – how to calculate the budget

The crisis in the country, exchange rates again strikes the ceiling, the price tags in stores rewrite almost weekly – it’s time to start counting penny, which, as you know, dollar counts. Best of all with this, perhaps, can handle some sensitive relative with basic economic knowledge, but if that hand was not, and you can set a budget planner – for example, Mr. Money.

The application meets the welcome tutorial: six pictures will explain what to do. To use really simple: the upper part shows a graph of changes in cash flow, and in the lower part of the screen nestled four information “tiles”.

Each tile displays General information from the relevant section: “accounts”, “debt”, “payments” and “budget”. With the last two all clear: enter the planned income and planned expenses – salaries, rent, loan, and so forth. If the scheduled flow is repeated every month, he entered into the payments. The application advises to treat the matter seriously and to make the fullest possible accounting report: when, how, why, where. Mr. Money alone will sum debit credit and consider, does your regular income with permanent same consumption – in the end will the final amount that can be spent.

Importantly, the application itself reminds when you need to spend some money on the day of the rent, for example, the notifier will come out with a reminder. After paying, you can Unclip the button – like, all, the payment went through. Or to take a break: to inform the application that will pay later. Sorry, Mr. Money itself will not be able to call the landlord and ask for a deferral.

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The other two tabs interesting. “Debt” – as you might guess, issued about someone means. In this tab you can enter who you took and how much; when shall come the time of the issuance of money. If you just introduce the data – will not forget, and the app will remind you when the time comes to repay debts or to shake the debtors. Of course, the situation also works in reverse: if you someone has taken a loan you can also record.

“Accounts” is a section that describes all of your money in all their manifestations: Bank accounts, credit and debit cards, deposits, cash, stash under my pillow and everything. It is in the accounts of change of money when you make a purchase, or receive income. Function is more for those who are actively rotates in atypical for the average Russian financial transactions – multi-stage credits, loans and so on.

The upper part of the screen is reserved for a beautiful graph that shows how the change your cash reserves over time. If this month you spent more money than received, it means that your bankroll has been depleted by that amount, and the graph turns red, and if the supply is replenished, then the chart is green. Quite conveniently, in addition, you can click through the numbers, for more detailed information. Again, the graph helps to determine that you will clearly see how much money freely, and much to spend (or, conversely, to earn, to get a plus). Very meticulous can even track the dynamics of expenditureincome by month – this feature is also available. Handy if you keep a detailed accounting.

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We should also mention the projects. This is a special function that is more for business people or those who lead some sort of small activity. For example, selling things in social networks, carries the goods from China or has its online store. The beauty of projects that you can always calculate how much you spent on the purchase of goods, how many received proceeds from sales and how much is pure profit. To cost to notice that such a function is, of course, budget planners a rarity – still, slightly professional field. By the way, if you do business in foreign currency, Mr. Money and then you can help: the program is able to shortchange not only in roubles, besides, is able to instantly convert exchange rate.

In addition to these functions, Mr. Money is also a kind of training: special techniques that will teach you some actions with money. These functions are locked but you can open them just by sharing on social networks that you use this application. And who doesn’t want to share, can open them for a minimal amount. Actually, Mr. Money free, however, some useful functions are brought into domestic purchases, and in the process use the application you they are useful. For example, the same tab about debt – in the normal version it’s not available. Or, say, the same projects – the tab open for an additional amount, however, small.

Plus, there is to mention about a good pre-defined list of categories of income and expenses, as well as a huge selection of icons for your accounts and categories (over 2 million), although they are also free, but to buy them it is definitely worth it!

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Other great paid features: you can buy the opportunity to enter a PIN code when you turn on the program. The important thing is not just for the paranoid, but ordinary citizens who don’t want someone else to know about their financial Affairs.

In future updates, the developers promise a lot of interesting things: for example, support for the Apple Watch, the voice and the calculation of credits. Perhaps you can update and version for iPad – while it’s still optional.

Overall, Mr. Money is certainly useful application, but primarily for those who regularly speaks to your inner accountant: prepared meticulously to declare spent and the ruble. Or else the app will appeal to those who have a lot of different kinds of income, and they are hard to structure all this in mind – and the usual budget planners are not suitable. Mr. Money ideal for such professional purposes – the application contains a huge pile of functions.

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