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Mr Download – one of the best solutions to upload files on iOS

Modern users are not able to get along without the Internet. We constantly need to check emails, interact in social networks, follow the news, and, of course, to load gigabytes of movies, music and photos. All anything, but don’t always have broadband Internet access and PC with convenient software for downloading, and standard tools that are built into smartphone operating systems and tablets, are severely limited in functionality. The slightest failure of the connection or update the links on the server can reset the entire download progress significantly and to spend the traffic. The App store offers a solution to this problem.

Mr Download — advanced download Manager for Safari. According to the developers of the application, the functionality of this solutions will satisfy even the most demanding user. It is obvious that the authors tried to bring it closer in functionality to the equivalents for Android devices.

Mr Download interface is divided into two tabs: My downloads or My files. Adding a link in the program, the Manager immediately starts downloading. The application supports downloading content, so if you need to put the process on pause — just press the appropriate button, and resume the download, when you wish. The developers have provided the possibility of simultaneous and background downloading, making the download process takes far less time.

The app compares favorably with peers live download progress bar and the ability to save files to an external service. After downloading the files can be moved to iCloud, Dropbox or Google Drive. In addition, it should be noted the presence of native extensions, so that files can be opened in any other applications.

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Unfortunately, the developers did not add in Mr. Download built-in browser, which download with some services that require authorization will be simply impossible. Otherwise this is a very practical boot that combines the speed and ease of use.

Download Mr Download in the App Store at this link. The app is priced at 149 rubles.

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