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Mozilla starts testing a new browser for iPhone and iPad

Opera has announced the launch of a program testing a new browser for smartphones and tablets on iOS. Among the “chips” of the new browser – savings, videoscoralie, “smart” night mode, and easy navigation.

The iPhone and iPad users are invited to test the pilot version of the new browser. The developers promise for the program, a number of useful innovations such traffic compression, speed dial, gestures, private mode, visual search, and so on.

In order to participate in the testing of the new Opera browser, you must register on this page. For registered testers will be available via update in TestFlight Beta.

In connection with the restrictions Apple and settings TestFlight developers can invite to test more than 2,000 people. If the user does not install Opera beta, its admission to the test will be cancelled. In this case, if necessary, restore a permit, you must re-apply.

Users should note that if you install a test version of the browser, it will replace the current version of Opera Mini and may affect settings. Note that at the moment on the iPhone and iPad in addition to Opera Mini, Opera Coast is also available.

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