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Mozilla has opened beta testing Firefox for iPhone and iPad

In December last year there was an information on intention Mozilla to create a separate version of Firefox for the iPhone and iPad. The company, in particular, has opened vacancies for the post of senior Manager, mobile marketing, software developer and senior product Manager for products for iOS. And now the company is ready to release the first version of Firefox designed for smartphones and table ts Apple.

Today Mozilla launched the open beta of Firefox for iOS. Test version is able to work on iOS 8 and above, and downloaded the program warn that it may be “some errors”.

The American company behind the popular desktop web browser Firefox, has long refused to deal with iOS. Indeed, the popular third-party browsers on the iPhone and iPad low – unlike Android, Apple’s platform does not allow to change the default browser and forces the developers to use a slower engine.

However, Mozilla finally gave in. The need release for iOS is associated with significant loss of market positions: according to statistics from Net Applications, the presence of Firefox on computers is less than half that of Google Chrome, which covers 25% of the desktop systems. Yes and on mobile devices Firefox for Android shows only slightly (0.7 percent).

In the past, Mozilla has announced that Firefox will not appear on iOS until Apple will continue its hostile policy towards third-party web browsers. In these terms, all third-party browsers use UIWebView component to output web pages. At the same time, Apple itself uses a different, faster, JavaScript processing engine called Nitro.

Even if Mozilla and will use Apple technology, this does not negate the possibilities of cloud sync bookmarks and history, as, indeed, and other features available to users of Firefox on Android. According to available information, the company decided to move to iOS all the basic functionality of the application.

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