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Mozilla and Facebook have declared war on Flash

Two large companies are openly opposed to Adobe Flash. Facebook was limited to an official statement, as Mozilla has implemented the idea in practice.

Chief Director of security at Facebook Alex Stamos turned to Adobe, urging the company to set the date of the final rejection of Flash. “Even if that were to happen a year and a half, the date that is the only way to eliminate the dependence on Flash and simultaneously preupgraded the entire ecosystem,” wrote a top Manager in his microblog.

Against Adobe made and the creators of the Firefox browser. In the new version of the Flash browser is now disabled. “Big news! All versions of Flash now blocked in Firefox by default,” he wrote on Twitter the head of the team of developers Firefox mark Schmidt. The decision to block the technology adopted, guided by concern for the safety of users.

Flash was developed by Macromedia, and in 2005 the company was acquired by Adobe Systems (the developer of Photoshop and other popular programs for graphics work).

In recent years, many companies began to abandon support for Flash in its products, including Microsoft (Internet Explorer for Windows 8) and Google (Android and YouTube). It is believed that the impetus for these decisions served as an open letter to former head of Apple Steve jobs, published in 2010. In the letter, jobs explained that the company does not add Flash support in mobile platform iOS due to the fact that it is too slow, consumes a lot of energy and contains a large number of vulnerabilities.

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Apple was long criticised for the fact that the iPhone and iPad do not display Flash content in the browser, however, in 2011-m to year Adobe itself has recognized the unsuitability of Flash for smartphones and tablets by stopping the development of mobile versions of the plugin.

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