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Motorola will release the second generation Moto 360 to compete with Apple Watch

The most popular Android hours Moto 360 will soon be a successor, designed to compete with Apple brand watches. This writes the Total Tech citing a source close to Motorola. Wearable on wrist product passes under the code designation Smelt.

The producer, who managed to change the host from Google to Lenovo, will try to improve the watch on the platform Android Wear, endowed with a round screen. First of all, the display is second generation Moto 360 will be truly round: now a small segment at the bottom of the screen information does not display, because given official purposes. Secondly, the panel will increase the matrix resolution up to 360 x 360 dots — now mounted display (320 x 290. Thirdly, the bracelets will be interchangeable.

In March the Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of Lenovo Yang Yuanqing has posted on her personal Weibo page in the photograph of leather and metal watch straps, as well as some other components for Moto 360 second generation. However, soon after this picture was deleted, but journalists managed to save it. According to them, the novelty is really inherited from the predecessor key design elements in the form of a circular display of dials and straps that twin electronic device with the classic wristwatch.

It is known that the processor for the new Moto 360 selected chipset on microarchitecture ARM v7a. Smart watches are enclosed in a metal body. It is unclear whether the extended diagonal of the screen with the currently major of 1.56 inches. Most likely Motorola will work on the bugs and increase the battery life of their smart watches.

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