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Motorola made fun of Samsung and Apple

A few days after the start of sales of iPhone X, Samsung released a video mocking Apple. Motorola has used the techniques South Korean manufacturer and the continuation of comic advertising.

First we need to recall the product Samsung. It tells of the loyal buyer of Apple smartphones, which each time was less functional than the gadgets from the South Korean Corporation. Samsung made fun of the fact that the iPhone is constantly running out of free memory, you cannot write with a stylus, no longer having protection from water, and in the end, the smartphone has lost even a 3.5 mm Jack.

The movie is called “Growing up”.

Motorola has made continued and told how the events will develop after the hero finally purchased a smartphone Samsung Galaxy:

Happy with purchase hero comes home and shows his girlfriend a video in the hope that it will impress frameless screen. But instead of wonder girl gets a brand new Motorola Moto Z2, attaches to it a special accessory and starts the projection of the video on the living room wall. Not surprise happened, the guy was once again not the best phone.

Unlike Samsung, Motorola has been thinner. The company is not mocked foreign customers, they just sent a signal that change needs to end. It is no coincidence that the movie is called Up-upgrade.

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