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Motorola accidentally revealed the second generation of smart watch Moto 360

“Smart” watch Moto 360 is considered to be one of the most beautiful gadgets on Android Wear, and a docking station for wireless charging products can even envy the owners of Apple Watch. Today in Twitter account Motorola “lit up” the receiver device – the Moto 360 is the second generation.

Manufacturer, managed to change the ownership from Google to Lenovo, has decided to improve the watch is endowed with a round screen. In the new generation device that goes under the code name of Smelt, the company decided to move the function button of the gadget to “2 hours”.

Apparently, the gadget will remain inactive areas at the bottom of the dial, although other manufacturers have already released the device with a fully round display. The current Moto 360 small segment at the bottom of the screen information does not display, because given official purposes.

Among other things, the video can be seen and a new strap. In the first Moto 360 when using metal bracelets on the rear panel of the housing cracks and damages. It is known that the processor for the new Moto 360 selected chipset on microarchitecture ARM v7a. Smart watches are enclosed in a metal body.

Twitter published a short video with the new product, but, noticing his mistake, the people of Motorola replaced it with a photo of a prototype of a smart watch. In consequence of the message and disappeared from the page of the company.

In March the Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of Lenovo Yang Yuanqing has posted on her personal Weibo page in the photograph of leather and metal watch straps, as well as some other components for Moto 360 second generation. However, soon after this picture was also removed, but journalists managed to save it.

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It only remains to add that in future versions of Android Wear can receive support for iPhone. Most likely Motorola will work on the bugs and increase the battery life of their smart watches.

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