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Motion sensor Philips Hue is able to turn on and off the light is user

Motion sensors have simplified a person’s life. They are installed in various devices, including lighting. Now the user has no need to find switch in the dark: thanks to the motion sensor light will turn on automatically. Philips has introduced such a device, belonging to the family Hue.

Motion sensor Philips “smart” lamp company will be included automatically when the appearance of a person in range and off when there is no movement for a specified time. Viewing angles operating on a AAA battery of the device is 100 degrees, and the range — almost 5 meters. The intent of the manufacturer, a simple device will improve comfort, save energy and improve home safety.

The software allows Philips to significantly expand the use of the sensor. So, users can install a “smart” lamp under the bed or near the door to the bedroom, set its brightness to minimum and set the motion sensor time interval of operation corresponding to the dark time of the day. Therefore, if someone wakes up in the night, a sensor detects movement and turns on a dim light, which will help the person to Orient in the room, but not to Wake the sleeping around.

Depending on how the user configures the system, that is, a period of time you will turn on the lighting when the appearance of a person in the coverage area of the sensor, the gadget is able to save precious kilowatts and create comfort in the house.

Motion sensor Philips will go on sale in October at a price of about $ 39.95. System Hue Bridge can support up to 12 sensors.

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