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MoStash: the first flash drive for iOS devices, which can be used as a stand for your iPhone [video]

The company Team Group has released flash keychain MoStash WG02, suitable for use with personal computers, and mobile devices from Apple. In a statement, the manufacturer argues that this is the first “thumb drive”, which simultaneously can serve as a stand for your iPhone.

The design of the gadget is metal alloy and rubber-like material. This protects the storage device from external influences and to give it aesthetic appearance. As can be seen in the illustrations, due to the curved shape and a removable cap, drive easily turns into a support for the smartphone.

MoStash WG02 feature is the presence of two connectors — USB 3.0 and Lightning. Thus, to connect the drive to desktop and laptop computers, as well as iPhone and iPad.

When connected via the USB 3.0 interface read speed and write up to 90 and 30 MB/s, respectively. The declared speed of data transmission via Lightning interface in the read mode is 30 MB/s in write mode — 15 MB/s.

Along with the “stick” comes the accompanying mobile app to manage content, data backup, data encryption, etc. In Team Group guaranteed to be compatible with PC operating systems Windows and OS X and mobile devices running iOS 7 and above.

Dimensions of novelty equal to 22 x 67,2 x 26.1 mm, weight 72,6 g Flash key chain is offered in versions with a capacity of 16, 32 , 64 and 128 GB.

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