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Most users think that Apple made a mistake with the amount of flash memory in the iPhone 7

This year for the first time the existence of the iPhone, Apple has abandoned the 16-Gigabyte version of the smartphone and offered a model with a memory of 32, 128 or 256 GB. However, now even 32 GB of internal memory without the possibility of extension can be insufficient. 64 and 128 GB is more preferred amounts of memory in modern devices.

A survey conducted by the resource PhoneArena, shows that Apple may not have guessed the amount of flash memory in the iPhone 7.

The publication conducted a survey among the readers on what amount of drive is ideal for a modern smartphone. Most of the respondents (40%) named 64 GB of memory as a perfect indicator for the mobile device. And Apple doesn’t offer the iPhone 7 with this flash drive.

In any case, 256 GB of memory in a mobile device will suffice for all. The model in the top configuration is ideal for those who do not like to depend on online repositories. If you choose the iPhone 7 is 256 GB, you can completely forget about the problem with lack of memory.

And how much space in your mobile device enough for you?

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