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Most Russians want New iPhone and receive chocolates and cosmetics

Experts in Russia, after analyzing the data obtained in the survey among different segments of the population, find out what is the most desired gift under the tree for the New year. First place in the list of Russians is a smartphone iPhone, but in reality, almost no one can afford to please family prestige gift, told the publication Life member of the Russian Guild of marketers Nicholas Grigoriev.

“For two years, a reduction of the retail turnover of goods and services was 14.9% (October 2014 to October 2016). This is due to the sharp decline in purchasing power. In General, last years the celebration of the New year and subsequent holidays people spent an average of 15-16 thousand rubles. In the money necessary to fit and gifts to friends and family, and yourself a gift, and a festive table, and Hiking somewhere with the kids. Therefore, dreams with reality do not always coincide. When sociologists and marketers interested in what people want, of course, there is just smartphones and foreign travel present. As a result, all this translates into the chocolate and the makeup mediocre,” — said Nikolai Grigoriev.

He also noted that in a crisis people are more likely to give cash.

“Money allows people to maneuver, buy something practical. In the direction of usability the Russians move in the gifts. From the ridiculous and unnecessary to real and useful”, — said Grigoriev.

The Apple smartphones are the most desired gifts are not only among the Russians: a new gadget for Christmas is the dream of Americans. According to a survey by Piper Jaffray, 7.2% of users would like to receive a gift of an iPhone. In the ranking of expectations iOS smartphone confidently holds the first place for the fourth consecutive year. Behind them a large margin to be MacBook 2,1%

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