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Most anticipated Apple gadgets in 2015

In March, the company from Cupertino has announced a 12-inch MacBook and added Force Touch touchpads in laptops previous generations. In April, Apple released on the shelves smart watch Watch, which instantly became a bestseller. Resource Zoom has prepared the following calendar novelties California giant: there will include smartphones, tablets, set top boxes, media players and operating systems.

iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus

Rumors about the new iPhone versions appear every week: insiders and analysts routinely give forecasts, working on his own authority. In the case of iPhones without the “S” on the end to guess the characteristics is much more difficult, because they have significantly changed the design. In 2015 the drastic changes of appearance is not expected. Expert of the company KGI Ming-Chi Kuo assures that adjustments will only affect body materials: Apple is so satisfied with the strength of the aluminum version of the Apple Watch that the same alloy will be used in the iPhone.

Another prediction relates to the range of colors is: now there are black, white and gold model, and from September will be added to pink. However, it is unknown whether this modification is available: there is a chance that the pink iPhone case made of precious metals ― then get a luxury gadget like the Apple Watch Edition (10 thousand dollars).

Diagonal Retina screens will be saved (4.7 inch ― 6S, 5,5 ― 6S Plus), but a list of predictable characteristics will include the magic phrase Force Touch. Inside will be the Apple A9 processor: its capacity has been kept secret, but in the presentation we will clearly demonstrate how it is more efficient than the A8 and A7. In addition, for the first time in iPhone history, amount of RAM is 2 GB. The final change is the camera, the resolution of which will increase from 8 to 12 megapixels. Fans specs blow of relief, but here it’s not just the numbers: the main thing that in the normal version of the iPhone (not Plus) must receive the optical stabilization. Questionable rumor touch battery capacity: according to one South Korean media, 6S to hold a charge at level 6 Plus. Believe it is quite difficult in such a compact case will not fit the battery at 3000 mAh. The second option is optimization, but using it to make such progress very difficult.

Discussion question ― prospects of a new 4-inch model. Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI insists that no iPhone 6c is not planned, but parallel to journalists drip leak with photos of the buildings of this device. According to various sources, the device will be bright plastic case and iPhone 6 features. Naturally, the price of this device will be lower than the iPhone 6s. The ceremony, which will show all the gadgets, will be held in San Francisco in the first half of September.

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iPod touch 6G

In Cupertino was not updated line of iPods from 2012: after the disappearance from the sale of the legendary iPod Classic, it seemed that Apple finally focused on smartphones and tablets. However, in late April, flashed the news about the company’s intention to totally update the flagship series players Touch. The fact is that after 2.5 years of hardware these devices objectively obsolete: the A5 processor seriously slow iOS 8, and 512 MB of RAM do not allow you to use the gadget as a media player. According to sources, this year Apple will show a 4-inch player with updated chipset (A7 or A8) and other case ― in the style of the iPhone 6. Also in the sale of top-end modification Touch sixth generation ― 128GB.

Wish Apple again to occupy the niche of music devices associated with the acquisition of Beats Electronics and low revenue from iPod sales over the last financial quarter of 2014 Apple sold 2.6 million players that brought “only” $410 million

Apple TV 4G

Apple TV fourth generation will be released in a completely new form factor – with a slender body, and different variants of color design. Based on the available information, in Cupertino expect to turn a gadget from a niche, albeit profitable, project, ambitious in mass product.

New TV box will bring the store third-party apps: the gadget will work on a redesigned operating system, which will include App Store. How to work the kiosk is still unknown, it is assumed that developers will coordinate their applications through the Developer Center.

The device will be equipped with new remote control. The first advantage will be the touchpad, which will take approximately 30% of the front surface of the device. With the help of this tool you can change channels or adjust the volume by sliding your finger, much simpler to work with apps, the touchpad would be perfect to navigate the menu of the operating system.

In the remote new Apple TV will have a built-in microphone, through which the owner will simply speak to the television receiver what to do. Siri will allow you to work with installed applications, change channels or navigate through compatible services. All of this intuitively. Showing a set-top box to be held in June at WWDC 2015.

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iPad Pro

In recent weeks the shape of a giant tablet have become much less vague. Firstly, now it is known that the diagonal of the screen of the device will be 12.9 inches (not 12,2, as mentioned earlier). Secondly, Apple will not supply highest quality iPad Pro camera: if you pay attention to the drawings, it will become clear that we are waiting for is an ordinary module (in another tablet and don’t need).

Third news is the presence of NFC, and not only as an element for Apple Pay, but in the role of conventional means for connecting accessories. One of these accessories will be the stylus, but its functionality is not revealed yet. In case there is a USB connector. the Intrigue remained only on the type of screen. Some sources claim that there will be a standard touchpad with stunning resolution, others say Apple will definitely do support Force Touch, and others that in Cupertino are preparing to purchase a hypersensitive displays the format of the AgNW. The latest version is the most realistic: normal screen is too corny, and the introduction of Force Touch can cause delays, as happened with the Apple Watch.

According to optimistic forecasts iPad Pro will show either in October at the presentation with other iPads, or in December at a separate event. The pessimistic scenario is not encouraging: “the first half of 2016” is too abstract.

iPad Air 3 and iPad mini 4

Releasing the first Air in late 2013, Apple has created for himself the problem of a perfectionist: engineers need to release an improved version of the already incredible product. IPad Air 2 case is thinner, added Touch ID and gold appeared modification. The third begs the iPad Air case with thinner frames, A9 processor and a special version of iOS with multiwindow mode (2 GB RAM for it just enough). Apple is able to integrate the iPad Air 3 recognition technology forces pressing.

With the iPad mini, fourth generation much easier. Convinced of the demand for phablets, iPhone 6 Plus, Apple has started to curtail production of low-margin 7.9-inch tablets. Apparently, in October, Tim cook will take to the stage iPad mini 4 will tell you about him some important words (new chip, 2 GB of RAM, a price change from previous versions), and then set aside and moves on to something else.

Together with Apple iPads traditionally shows the updated MacBook, iMac and Mac Pro. This year they are expected to only increase in the capacity of: everything else is already there. However, Cupertino can disappoint the audience with the disappearance of useful connectors in laptops, but let’s hope that the experiments concerned only the 12-inch laptop. The plot with the release of the MacBook Air (11-inch & 13-inch) with retina screen probably won’t come true: all fans clear display will make time to take either the Pro or MacBook with one connector.

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Apple Watch 2

Analysts at Cowen and Company claim about the imminent arrival of the Apple Watch 2. According to experts, the second generation wearable computer, Apple will be announced before the end of 2015. It would be more functional with a private means of communication, able to do without the iPhone, and will be the first device with OLED screen Samsung.

The first version of the Apple Watch debuted with a very modest set of sensors in the biometric device with less sensors than originally anticipated. The broader fitness opportunities are expected in the second version. Apple Watch 2 should receive a magnetometer sensor oximetry, conductivity sensor and skin temperature, and other sensors, fixing activity in the gym.

The original Apple Watch no GPS module: satellite signals are taken from the iPhone, with which it is interfaced device. The NFC chip makes the Apple Watch in the remote wallet. However, to make a payment you must be connected to iPhone.

According to the forecast of experts, the announcement of the Apple Watch 2 will be held simultaneously with the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus in the fall – a year after the presentation of the first model.

iOS 9

WWDC 2015 will open June 8: on the first day of the event, Apple will tell the developers about the ninth version of the mobile OS. Sources in the company say that this time the focus will be not on a huge amount of innovation and stability ― should disappear all the bugs accumulated with iOS 7 and iOS 8. The second aspect on which the work of the Apple engineers, is the size of the firmware: in the fall of 2014 the proliferation of iOS 8 slowed down due to the enormous weight of the pack. Owners of gadgets with 16 gigabytes of internal memory could not update their gadgets and continued to use iOS 7.

Expected but not yet confirmed rumors must be highlighted inside a superior interaction with the Apple Watch (it’s logical) and the tremendous progress the iPad version of iOS. Thus, parallel work in two apps on the Apple tablet may soon become a reality.

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