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Moshi Multiport Adapter converts a USB-C port USB-A and HDMI, keeping the access to USB C

Modern laptops and tablets have adapted to the new standard USB C. At the end of last year, Apple released the MacBook Pro, which is equipped only with USB ports. the Transition to a universal standard allowing high speed data transfer and allowing to make the device thinner and lighter — a good idea, but not yet quite convenient. Users have to buy many adapters and cables for connecting external monitors, drives, etc. to Solve this problem is intended multiport adapter Moshi 3-in-1 for USB type-C.


The device is made in an aluminum casing with rounded edges. Users can choose from three colors: silver, gold and rose gold. Gadget becomes quite compact, its dimensions are 101 x 54 x 16 mm. the product Weighs only 76 grams, so you won’t even notice its weight in a jacket pocket or laptop bag.

Due to the high build quality and reliability the adapter should last a long time and is ideal for MacBook and MacBook Pro with USB-C.

On the front side of the housing is Moshi logo, USB Type-C, HDMI and USB Type-A 3.1 and on the rear panel — built-in USB cable-C. All three connectors are located at a sufficient distance from each other to connect several peripheral devices.

Ease of use

There is nothing complicated: you simply connect the cable’s USB Type-C port on the laptop and via the connectors connected to it a necessary device. The gadget is compatible with MacBook (2015-2016) and MacBook Pro (2016).

It’s enough power for video playback with a resolution of HD and even 4K to an external monitor or TV. The adapter can also be used to charge and sync your smartphone or tablet. Led light indicator Smart LED on top panel will display the charge level of the connected device. Supported fast charging power of 60 watts (20V/3A) and data transfer speeds up to 5 Gbps.

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Multiport adapter Moshi not devoid of some drawbacks. First, if the damage of the built-in USB cable-C will have to replace the entire device. Although the manufacturer claims of enhanced protection of the cable in the crease. Secondly, the device does not have a slot for a memory card. Support for SD cards would make the adapter even more convenient. Despite these disadvantages, the gadget is one of the best of its kind.

Price and guarantee

The price of the adapter is around $80 (5500 rubles). The device can not be called cheap, but its price is fully repaid due to the ease of use, compact and durable housing.

Moreover, when registering on the website of the company at Moshi USB Multiport Adapter-C warranty is valid for a period of 3 years. Warranty is extended from 1 year on the following system: electronic devices, audio devices, cables and adapters: up to 3 years; batteries and batteries: up to 2 years; bags, cases and protective coating: to life.

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