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Moscow student has received 8 years in prison for the rape, refusing to give contracts iPhone 6

The Zamoskvoretsky court of Moscow has sentenced to 8 years imprisonment 27-year-old student of 3rd course of faculty of law of the University. Catherine the great Mekane because of the refusal to give the iPhone to a friend. The guy didn’t fulfill the promise and the girl went to the police.

The criminal case was considered closed. As described in the publication Life source in court, the incident occurred in the spring of 2016.

16-year-old Anastasia Vladimir quarreled with his mother for refusing to buy a smartphone of Apple. Offended, the girl went on all night in Gorky Park. There she met 27-year-old student Makana A., with whom talking. The guy gave her a soda and ice cream, and soon she told him about the dream of getting an iPhone 6.

The student immediately said he was willing to give her such a gift in exchange for sex. To refuse such a proposal, the girl did not, and soon the couple retired to a remote corner of the Park. However, an hour later, he again showed ingenuity and, saying that he needed to talk on the phone alone, gone. Not waiting for the young man, She realized he had deceived her and promised iPhone 6 can not see it.

Fearing conviction, the girl came home and told her mother that she was raped, and then called the police. The student was soon arrested for the soda and ice cream which he treated the girl, he was paying by credit card in their name.

In court the victim admitted that he had agreed to sex willingly, and asked not to punish the young man too harshly. Nevertheless, the court sentenced Makana to 8 years of colony of strict regime.

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