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Moscow deputies are purchasing iPads with leather covers almost 2 million roubles

On October 23, on a Single portal tender was tenders for the supply of tablet computers for the needs of members, reports Odintsovo. The cost of procurement is about 1,75 million roubles. A financing source – the budget of the Odintsovo municipal district of Moscow region.

The guide notes that this amount includes the acquisition of 35 tablet computers and covers made of genuine leather. According to purchasing, the cost of one gadget will cost more than 43 000 rubles, and the price of one case — over 6 000 rubles To devices subject to special requirements, one of which is the “fingerprint sensor”. These requirements fit the products of the company Apple. According to the Yandex. Market, 43 800 rubles – this is the maximum value of a 64-Gigabyte iPad Air 2. However, under the requirements of the technical specifications are suitable and other options with much lower costs, for example the iPad Air 16Gb for 26 000 rubles. Providers have until 2 November to apply for participation in the procurement DePuy iPad.

It is noteworthy that on 30 July at the regular meeting of the deputies of the head of Odintsovo district have distributed to colleagues with an iPad already loaded for information, urging to change the thick folder on the thin gadgets. At many subsequent meetings, the elected officials did with them. In a press-service of administration of the region commented that while the tablets were provided for testing in this format. Format all arranged — “on the iPad is convenient to view the documents, and the decision was made to purchase the gadgets”.

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Many may think that it is a feast during the plague. However, the administration explained that the use of the iPad that’s a significant savings, because every meeting is spent a huge amount of paper. Tellingly, in the Board of deputies, only 33 people. Even two tablets, apparently, are intended for secretaries.

Note that the December 2014 deputies of the state Duma for security purposes recommended to abandon the iPhone and iPad. Relevant draft resolution was prepared by the Chairman of the Duma Committee for security and combating corruption Dmitry Gorovtsov. He fears that because of smartphones and tablets based on iOS may leak information representing the “utility value”.

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