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Moscow authorities have created a bot for Telegram notifications about debts and the evacuation of cars

The city authorities have created a special Telegram messenger bot to notify users about the fines, towing and debts on housing and utility services. It is reported Mskagency with reference to Artyom Yermolayev, head of information technologies Department of Moscow.

“Telegram is a fairly good solution which allows you to create autorobot. We now test that the Muscovites had an opportunity to get a virtual assistant who could answer any questions related to the life in Moscow”, – said Ermolaev.

According to him, the possibility of a joint project on informing of Muscovites through the messengers were discussed with representatives of Viber and WhatsApp. However, the Telegram now offers the simplest and most convenient technical solution.

Yermolayev stressed that officially, the service will work until the end of 2015. In the first stage using the bot Telegram residents of the capital will be able to check the rent and debts on housing and communal services, the service will also be able to warn the residents to evacuate their cars and show unpaid fines from traffic police.

The announcement of the platform for the creation of buddy-bots Telegram, which can interact with external services and applications, took place at the end of June. Pavel Durov has provided developers the tools to create bots that can connect, for example, the API to search for images in Bing, or create new services within the app.

Earlier ABBYY has launched the bot translator to Telegram, which allows you to translate words without leaving the program, and “the Messenger” has decided to use bots to interactive quest that is implemented directly in the application.

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