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Moscow authorities announced the launch of Apple Pay in metro

The city plans to implement in the subway payment system Pay Apple. This was stated by the head of the Department of transport and dorozhno-a transport infrastructure of Moscow Maxim Liksutov.

“We expect that Apple Pay will come and in the subway,” — said Liksutov edition RNS.

From December 2016, Apple Pay operates on the stations of the Moscow Central ring. To purchase a ticket through payment service Apple on 31 stations. and 15 subway stations with a transfer to the ICC.

To pay the fare with the iPhone and Apple Watch at the box office, vending machines for tickets and directly to the turnstiles. To do this, bring your mobile device to the reader, and the fare will be debited from the Bank account tied to Apple Pay. It does not require Internet access: payment will be done even if the 3G connection is poor or absent.

Apple Pay was launched in Russia on 4 October 2016. To pay through this system, you can use iPhone SE iPhone 6 and more new models and Apple Watch.

Note that passengers who use a contactless fare collection system, Apple Pay, free travel on the Moscow Central ring (ICC) in every Monday, January – 16, 23 and 30 January.

To use the service, you need to have your iPhone or Apple Watch. The cost of the trip will be deducted from the Bank account tied to Apple Pay, and after 10 minutes will be credited back.

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