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More than unlimited cloud: 5 features of Google Photos, which need to know

The presentation that opened the conference, Google I/O last week, lasted more than two hours. Since the event was full of news from the world of Google, the company just ran out of time on detailed description of all the new products. One of the key releases is the new Google Photos, which provides free and unlimited cloud storage for photos.

As incredible as it sounded, the free service is not his only Forte.

Since the free and unlimited cloud storage – it sounds quite extraordinary, most users focus all our attention on this fact. And even despite some reservations, Google Photo no doubt is a unique project that deserves special attention.

But free and plentiful – just two of the many interesting features of Google Photos. Since they had attracted all the attention, many do not know about the other capabilities of the service.

1. Search for photos. The ability to search for photos is no surprise, but the search was not so innovative. Instead of the usual search by date, name or location, Google Photos allows you to search through the content of the photos. In other words, you can enter the query “dog”, and Google Photo find all your photos on Pets.

2. Georeferencing. Any lens can read the geotags from the EXIF data of the photos to determine where it was made – but Google Photos makes a great step forward. In many cases, the program can identify the place where the photo was taken, even if she has no Georiga – just analyzing its contents.

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3. Export in one click. Free and unlimited storage – it sounds attractive, but you also might want to save copies of your photos on your hard drive. No, you don’t have to click on the check boxes next to each photo from the many thousands of you downloaded – just use the service to store the data, to download all images in one click”.

4. Automatic removal copies on local storage. Google Photos can automatically upload new photos, so why not at the same time delete them from the phone memory to save? Google Photos for Android has a feature to automatically delete photos from the device after downloading them to the cloud you no longer have to worry about it.

5. Additional plans. The main problem Google Photos is that the service compresses photos and videos, degrades their quality. But don’t worry, as Google has provided a paid option for those who want to store their content in full resolution. The user gets 15 GB for free and can expand the storage up to 100 GB for $2 per month or 1TB for $10 a month).

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