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More than a thousand people came to the opening of the first Apple store in Taiwan [photos]

In July 2016, Apple started looking for employees for corporate Apple store in Taiwan, where the company did not have any outlets. A year later the company opened the island its first Apple stores Taipei 101.

Apple Store appeared in one of the major Department stores in Taipei the capital of Taiwan province in the PRC. Thousands of fans of “Apple” products came to the Grand opening of a shop with its famous glass facade.

In honor of the momentous event, Apple employees handed out to visitors red t-shirts with the image of a tree the Great Banyan tree, inspired by the artwork of a local expert for cutting paper, Yang Shi-Yi.

Head of retail and online sales Apple Angela Ahrendts greeted the fans: “Thanks to our team and all our clients, who today marked the opening of the first store in Taiwan”.

That Apple plans to open flagship store in Taiwan, it became known a year ago. Taiwan is considered a highly economically developed area, included in the number of so-called “newly industrialized countries”.

Modern Taiwan is a country with advanced economy, which is based on exports. Annually in Taipei there are hundreds of exhibitions, congresses, symposiums and conferences on various branches of production, industry and agriculture.

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