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More than 50 apps removed from Google Play due to a virus Expensive Wall

According to researchers at Check Point, in Google Play new type of virus called Expensive Wall, which has infected more than 50 apps and got a few million Android-devices.

Once in the system device, the malware starts to send messages to various paid services without the victim’s knowledge. According to Check Point, the number of infected devices is 1-4,2 million users of Android smartphones. According to the report co-authors Helen Ruth, Andrei and Bogdan Polkovnichenko Melnikov, Expensive Wall belongs to a previously identified family of malware for Android. At the moment, the victims of all versions of the virus began more than 21 million people, but the amount of money that the malware transferred to the accounts of the attackers remains unknown.

Last modification Expensive Wall was discovered in the app Lovely Wallpaper for Wallpaper management on Android. Malicious software is able to compress and disguise your code, which complicates the possibility of its detection. The researchers were able to find no less than 50 apps infected with the virus. Despite the fact that the Google developer team promptly removes from Google Play infected application, the virus emerges in new, previously-tested programs.

According to the researchers, this is the fifth this year, a wave of mass proliferation of viruses during which Google has to remove apps from Google Play.

Check Point also note that removing the program from Google Play can protect users only against future infections. If the affected application has been installed on the smartphone, the device owner is still exposed to its malicious activity and needs to remove the program manually.

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