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More than 180,000 applications will not be compatible with iOS 11

With the release of iOS 11 Apple stop supporting 32-bit applications. Endangered almost 200,000 apps.

The iPhone 5S 64-bit processor in 2013 was a signal that sooner or later the company will abandon 32-bit applications. In January 2017, the users began to receive reports that a 32-bit application will not work on future versions of iOS. In anticipation of the announcement of iOS 11 32-bit application has stopped showing in App Store search, but you can still download from the section “Shopping”.

According to Oliver Ye, founder of Sensor Tower, which is engaged in the Analytics of mobile apps in the App Store there are about 187 000 32-bit applications, which is approximately 8% of all apps available in the App Store.

Sensor Tower notes that the majority of the remaining applications were games. Approximately 39 000 applications were in the categories of education and entertainment.

32-bit applications will disappear immediately. They will work on smartphones with an older version of iOS and will be available some time in the App Store. However, in Sensor Tower suggest that in the future Apple will remove almost 200,000 incompatible applications.

Source: Business Insider

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