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More iPhone 300 X stole from the Apple Store in San Francisco

On the morning of 3 November 2017, three sturdy men came into the delivery truck UPS parked near the Apple store in San Francisco, stole an iPhone 313 X.

The total value of stolen smartphones is estimated at 370 thousand dollars. Apple maintains strict control of all the gadgets, therefore the serial numbers of the missing iPhone X is already known.

According to the police report, a parked car outside a shopping center and Stonetown Galleria, where is the Apple Store, the driver of the UPS truck blocked the cargo Bay and out of the cab.

After some time, three unknown persons broke into the truck and pulled out the box with smartphones. A bystander managed to take photos that can help the investigation.

Employees affected by the Apple Store in San Francisco reported that everyone who wanted to get their przekazanie iPhone X November 3, will be able to do it, despite the robbery.

The police assume that criminals can even commit murder, to sell more than 300 smart phones on the gray market, since there are models, there is a high excitement. On the other hand, Apple can simply disable stolen devices, their serial numbers and other characteristics are known.

Around the world people who want to buy iPhone X launch day took place on the eve of the opening of the Apple Store. In Moscow formed on 1 November, and in Singapore the Apple store employees had to make considerable efforts to avoid a stampede.

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