Mophie Launches Wireless Car Charging Launcher

Motorists who come across a discharged battery in the winter are probably familiar with portable triggers. Mophie announced its launch device, which will not only drive the car, but also charge the smartphone.

Powerstation Go is a fairly compact device, so there is a place for it in any car. As for me, it should be purchased by all car owners, it offers a lot: here you also have wireless charging for a smartphone or other devices, two USB Type-A, a full-fledged power outlet up to 65 W and a flashlight.

The capacity of the device itself is 44.4 MWh, and about 50% of the entire capacity will be required to start the car. It will take about nine hours to fully charge such a “portable”.

The kit comes with special cables for starting the car, in addition, only complete ones will fit the battery, so either keep everything in one place or get some kind of cover to carry with you all at once.

The device has already gone on sale for $ 110 on the HSN website, and on the manufacturer’s website it will be available from January 9 for $ 160 – hurry up if you want to get a decent discount. The choice of colors is huge: black, blue, pink gold, camouflage, mother-of-pearl and just gold.

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