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Mophie answered the “humpback” cover the release of Apple’s line of ultra-thin batteries Powerstation

With the release of “official” covers for iPhone 6s – Smart Battery Case – manufacturers remains nothing how to offer more perspective from the point of view of popularity the accessories for Apple smartphones. The company Mophie is a well – known manufacturer of accessories for the iPhone – introduced an updated line of Powerstation external battery in a compact package.

The new generation of charging stations includes five models – 1X, 2X, 3X, 5X and 8X. They differ not only in capacity, but also their capabilities. External batteries contain polymer batteries with a capacity of 2000, 4000, 6000, 10 000 and 15 000 mAh. If the youngest model allows only one times fully charge the iPhone battery, the latter offers additional 54 hours of talk time, 59 hours of web surfing, 59 play the video, or 272 hours of music listening.

Model 3X, 5X and 8X features two USB ports that lets you charge up to two gadgets simultaneously. Versions 5X and 8X support proprietary software that displays the remaining capacity and the time required to fully charge the battery. Series Powerstation supports quick charging, the led indicator on the housing indicates the remaining battery.

The cost of a Powerstation and is 44,95 euros for a model with 2000mAh battery, of 64.95 Euro – in 4000 mA•h, the ratio was 84.95 Euro 6000 mAh, 139,95 Euro 10,000 mAh and 159,95 € – 15 000 mAh.

Mophie has a large portfolio of patents covering various aspects of designing external batteries and covers the batteries, including the peculiarities of their appearance. One of the patents the manufacturer describes the case of a rounded back panel, resembling in appearance the first iPhone. According to rumors, questionable design, Smart Battery Case, which media dubbed the “Brokeback”, we owe it Mophie – when you create a corporate case before, Apple had a task to overtake all the achievements of a competitor and not to run into a billion-dollar lawsuit for patent infringement.

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