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Moment: the app that will help to overcome the dependence on the smartphone

18.11.2018 Erika J. Wells 0 Comments

The phone is always at hand – every hour we check the time, scan the notification or just mindlessly hanging out in the news feed favorite social network. If you notice that the dependence on the phone, it’s time to download the app Moment.


The app is suitable for those iPhone owners who have not yet option available consumption statistics. For those who have it, the Moment may still seem more effective with a interesting interface and better opportunities. The main – and perhaps only – drawback of the program is the need the location even in the background using the app. This adversely affects the operation time of the smartphone.

Every interaction with a smartphone is logged in a separate log, which subsequently generates statistics of calls and the time the user has spent on the device. According to developers, the Moment can become the main tool for combating dependence on the smartphone, and the number of program functions only confirms their position.


So, after downloading a number of paid extensions will be a Moment to determine when the user needs to remind him that he spends too much time in the smartphone. In addition, the application has a special training regime that their execution will not only allow you to escape from unnecessary scrolling news feeds, but also help to develop new habits necessary to reduce daily time spent on gadgets. Always enabled geolocation function also carries its advantages, as it helps to create unique routes that the user travels daily. They can be tracked on a special built-in map.

Important advantage of Moment is the mode “Family access”: the senior family members can remind Junior that it’s time to switch your phone off or distract myself from it on other, more important things.


Full version Moment will be able to set restrictions on the use of certain functions of the mobile device, for example, to block access to social networks, browser or even the camera. Moment can also be used on iWatch.

The app can be purchased at this link.


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