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Moky: the world’s first invisible keyboard with touchpad [video]

The company Innopresso announced a keyboard that combines the functions of a traditional input device and the touchpad. Accessory got the name Moky (“motion keyboard”).

In Moky under pressing the space bar there are two buttons – analogs of the left and right mouse buttons. To take advantage of “invisible touchpad”, hold down the left button to make the standard fingers for touch surfaces gestures in the air above the main keyboard.

Function is realized with built-in infrared sensors. Also Moky is the key “Shift”, “Control”, “Copy” and “Paste”. The gadget works via Bluetooth wireless interface and supports devices based on Windows, OS X, Android and iOS. On iPhone and iPad the touchpad function is not available.

Leave a pre-order Moky on the project page. In case of successful financing of the gadget, the device will be priced at 69 dollars.

Note that a few days ago, Apple received a patent for a keyboard, is equipped as standard mechanical keys, and touch sensors. Unlike the MacBook keyboard or separate Apple keyboards that use a dome or membrane technology with a single position is pressed, the new input device will recognize two types of keystrokes and allows you to manage the operating system using gestures.

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