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Mobile YouTube app now supports video at 60 frames per second

In October of last year, YouTube started to play a video with 60 frames per second. After 9 months, this format began to support the official app of the service for iOS and Android. As conceived by Google, this innovation is appreciated by the gamers and game developers.

Plans to introduce such fps became known last summer. Rollers with a similar framerate appeared on hosting before — it was trailers and clips. Now the mode is available to all mobile users.

To assess significant improvement in picture quality, it is necessary to view the video modes in 720p60 or 1080p60. The high quality video marked with the label in the settings. Innovation will be especially appreciated by gamers, say in YouTube. Now the rolls with the passing game will look much smoother.

Also this innovation will be useful for different trailers and home video which are recorded with a frequency of 60 frames/sec. at the same Time it will be easier to see the benefits of increased frame rates by comparing samples with different frequency. The debate about the benefits of a particular console will be easier.

In addition, the development team released a video, which focuses on future innovations, pending the authors of the rollers and channel owners. Google plans to enter in the new YouTube ranking system review, implement more convenient notifications for subscribers, to allow channel owners to manage the settings of the rollers through a mobile app to improve the panoramic view videos and so on.

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