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Mobile phones do not cause brain cancer, say Australian scientists

Researchers from the University of Sydney analyzed the data for 30 years and found that the use of the phones does not increase the incidence of cancer of the brain. The study is published in the journal Cancer Epidemiology.

It seems that years of controversy surrounding the connection of brain cancer and use of mobile it’s time to put an end. The researchers analyzed the incidence of brain cancer among Australians for three decades from 1982 to 2013. According to the results, the researchers were able to refute a common myth about the link of cancer and cell phones.

Cell phones were in Australia in 1987, and by 2014 they were used by 94% of the population. Within the study of history 19 858 14 men and 222 women diagnosed with brain cancer. Over the last 30 years the increase in the number of patients with brain cancer only observed in elderly patients older than 70 years. Scientists attribute this to the development of such methods for early cancer diagnosis as magnetic resonance and computed tomography.

Previously, the majority of cancer cases remained undiagnosed: not having modern equipment, the doctors a couple of decades ago could incorrectly diagnose the disease like stroke and other diseases. The incidence of cancer grew only slightly in men, but not changed in women.

At the same time, the use of cell phones in Australia, as elsewhere in the world has grown in tens times: from 9% in 1993 to around 90% currently.

The data obtained correspond to the results of previous epidemiological studies revealed no causal link between mobile phone use and incidence of brain cancer.

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