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Mobile operators in Russia want to be required to keep calls and SMS for three years

The Russian state Duma adopted in the first reading “anti-terrorist” package of bills, including the amendment to the law “On communications”, according to which “the Operators are obliged to keep on the territory of the Russian Federation for three years information about the facts of reception, transmission, delivery and (or) processing of voice information and text messages, including their contents, but also images, sounds, or other communications to users of telecommunications services.

The anti-terrorism package of bills on 7 April 2016 in the state Duma introduced Deputy Irina Yarovaya and Senator Viktor Ozerov. According to their proposals, telecoms operators and Internet service providers over three years will have to store and to provide the authorities with information about the committed subscribers of the calls and sent the messages and their contents.

The expert Council under the government after careful analysis of the amendments called them technologically and economically impossible. Experts estimate that the total costs of the operators can be 5.2 trillion rubles, which makes up almost a third of Russia’s budget. The amount of data that will keep operators, evaluated in 157,5 exabytes (157,5 million terabytes), roughly 100,000 times more than they hold today. The report shows a direct recommendation to delete proposed by the deputies of the measures from the bill.

Another issue, which notes the Advisory Council, is a possible violation of the secrecy of communication. Given an array of stored data and access them without a court decision, the bill threatens to leak confidential information.

The expert group of professionals believe that in this field the law does not need to change. Under current law, operators have three years to store information about the facts of the connection, but without the content of voice and text messages.

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The Deputy head of Roskomnadzor Oleg Ivanov acknowledged that even in the case of the adoption of this law is to control the storage operators information is almost impossible.

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