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Mobile “line”: full-scale MMORPG Lineage 2 will be released on iOS and Android [video]

Studio NCSoft conference 2016 Netmarble has announced a mobile version of the popular multiplayer role-playing game Lineage 2: Dawn of Aden. Previously this project was known under the code name Project S.

Judging by the 30 second trailer, rich special effects, a project in the style of medieval fantasy created for the fans of Lineage 2. You can see not only the familiar locations of the Valley of Dragons and Talking Island, but mass battle players in PvP and the capture of the castle.

A few years ago few people could imagine something similar for mobile gadgets. Of course, there were all sorts of Pocket Kingdom: Own The World for N-Gage, but rather, they were perceived as a substitute and inadequate substitute. But now the rapid productivity growth and technology development has opened (literally broke!) developers unlimited opportunities. This has led to the fact that modern mobile MMORPG little inferior in beauty and quality to its “sisters” with the PC. And certainly kept at an appropriate level in terms of gameplay.

It is already known that mobile Lineage 2 will offer gamers 24 locations, each of which will be significantly more than any area in any modern MMORPG. To do this, developers have already managed to draw more than one thousand objects and continue work in this direction. In addition, the game’s creators promise players visibility with a range of over 2 km, castle sieges, battles with many monsters and the clan system.

No information about the release date mobile “line” yet. According to reports, the game will be supported with latest models of iOS and Android. Luckily, modern techniques make it possible the developers did not limit itself to implementation of even the most ambitious ideas.

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