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Mobile Internet Tele2 and MegaFon recognized as the fastest in Moscow

Experts of company Telecom Daily has conducted a survey of quality of mobile communication in Moscow. The measurements were carried out in November of this year in the networks of GSM, 3G, LTE using the automated control system in accordance with the methodology approved by the Minister.

For the year to the average speed in the 3G and 4G networks in Moscow increased by 35-40%, says the research company. The leader in average data transmission speed in 3G network experts called Tele2. The average speed towards the subscriber in its network amounted to 12.1 Mbit/s, maximum of 31.6 Mbit/s In 4G networks, the leader in average and maximum data transfer speed to a subscriber was the “MegaFon”: 18 Mbit/s and 93,1 MB/s respectively.

As noted by Rbc, “Beeline”, 61.6 per cent of subscribers use 3G networks, 26.3% of the 4G. MTS, the figures are 44.3 per cent and 29.3% respectively; that of “MegaFon” — 57,8% and 20.6%, “Tele2 is 76.2% and 23.8%.

For comparison, last year in 3G networks, the leader in voice quality was “MegaFon”, the data transmission speeds — Tele2. Best average speed data transmission in LTE (4G) towards the subscriber in 2015, the researchers received in the networks of MTS (12.5 Mbps), from the subscriber in the network “Beeline” (13 Mbps). The maximum speed of data transmission in 4G showed MegaFon: 67,8 MB/s towards the subscriber and 33 Mbps from the subscriber.

Representatives of “MegaFon” and Tele2 announced that it agreed with the correctness of the estimates. The representative of MTS said that the company’s performance the authors of the study underestimated the “one-third”. “MTS consistently invests a lot into their network in the capital, but for some reason shows the worst result in the study,” says the press Secretary of MTS Dmitry Solodovnikov. Press Secretary of “Beeline” Anna imasheva noted that tests 3G and 4G show “as a minimum, parity in average speed data connections.” In addition, the company is a large-scale project to replace equipment on a network and through it she hopes to increase both capacity and speed in 3G and 4G.

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According to Advanced Communications & Media (AC&M) for the second quarter in Russia was registered 251,6 million mobile subscribers, of which Moscow is 17.2%, or 43.3 million subscribers.

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