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Mobile Fallout brings more profit than Fallout 3

A simulator of construction of the base Fallout Shelter replaced the popular puzzle game Candy Crush Saga is one of the top three grossing apps for iPhone and iPad. Experts suggest that mobile version of Fallout brought Studio-developer Bethe sda millions of dollars in just a few days after the release.

Released for iOS in November 2012 shareware Candy Crush Saga holds the top position for many months. According to the report publisher King, for the first quarter of 2015 she brought the company $229,5 million — approximately $2.5 million per day. According to preliminary estimates, this is the same as Bethesda in the comparable period of time working on Fallout 3 (4.7 million copies were sold slightly less than a quarter).

Fallout Shelter was released in the App Store simultaneously with the announcement on the night of June 15. It extends, like Candy Crush Saga, shareware model: pay only for additional services.

In Bethesda stated that they are particularly pleased with the success of new products, as paid services it presented unobtrusive and not mandatory for a comfortable game, as in many other hits for smartphones. The game is currently available only on iPhone and iPad, and will appear on Android only a few months later.

Fallout Shelter created based on the popular PC RPG series Fallout. It offers users to manage the life of one of the numerous bunkers, where they find refuge to the inhabitants of post-apocalyptic world. The player distributes the tasks between the settlers will take over the management of resources, developing the infrastructure of the bunker and protects it from the attacks of marauders.

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