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Mobile DVR and radar detector SmartDriver Pro is available with a discount of 70% [+5 promo]

The company Reactive Phone, a developer of applications for mobile devices and computers, has launched a new year sale of premium version of the app SmartDriver. Is 1890 rubles the program is available for 549 rubles. Readers MacDigger have the opportunity to participate in the drawing of the 5 promo-codes for mobile DVR.

The SmartDriver app allows the driver to capture on camera phones everything that happens on the road, and the voice alert will always notify you of upcoming cameras or radar. Through constant updates, the app always knows where the camera is located or radar and advance warning of approaching him.

At that time, as a regular radar requires wires, fixtures, and takes a lot of space, the application is in the mobile phone easily and will warn the driver about the cameras, even from his pocket. SmartDriver will not be disturbed by unnecessary sounds, if that does not violate the speed limit. To hear the voice of the program is possible only in case if the driver drives faster than the permitted speed on this stretch of the road. What is important, in advance warn about excess, but will report the speed allowed on this stretch of the road.

An important feature of the SmartDriver is the ability to run in the background. This means that iPhone can be in use any third party task, the application does not prevent neither the Navigator nor the other running programs, it will remind about itself only when the driver is closer to the camera. If the driver likes loud music and not afraid to hear the alarm warning, it can sync your phone with the car sound system. In this case, the voice application will already have sound from speakers and will be heard.

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Thanks to the high-speed signal is exceeded, the driver starts to drive more carefully and to observe the established regime. The possibility of video recording in the app will also allow the driver to be more confident on the road, as video can always confirm his word.

You can use the free version of SmartDriver, a database update once a week, to be aware of the dangers and to check the operation of the program. You can also subscribe to additional features and unlimited updates monthly (149 rubles), annually (949 rubles) or for life (1890 rubles).

Reactive Phone has provided us with 5 promo codes for a lifetime license to the Pro version of SmartDriver. Codes will be raffled among the visitors who left a comment to the article. Don’t forget to fill the E-mail field. Good luck!

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