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Mobile app “Broken roads” will be released by the summer

“The popular front” (onf) to fly launches the application for smartphones “Broken roads”. This at a press conference said a member of the regional headquarters of the popular front Valery Soldunov.

According to him, now the app is in development. It is planned that it will be ready by early June.

“The app will be very simple. We want to help the residents could point out any defect in the road that affect traffic safety — lack of road signs, broken tracks, broken the “speed bumps” and so on,” explained Mr. Soldunov.

The project “Road inspection onf/Map of dead roads” is all-Russian. In St. Petersburg it started in February 2017. During the several months the residents said 206 of city roads that need urgent repair.

According to the coordinator of the project “Road inspection onf/Map of dead roads” the state Duma Deputy Alexander Vasiliev, the proceeds from fees in the system of Plato, the money should be lent for the repair of Federal highways.

Last week the head of the government Dmitry Medvedev has declared that considers quite an adequate idea of lowering the rate in the “Plato” for trucks that travel more often. “It is economically reasonable looks — the more I travel, the less you pay the fare. There is a certain reason. I’m not saying Yes, but just to think, to calculate it would be possible”, — said the Prime Minister.

According to Vasilyev, discussed a proposal to send the collected work “Plato” funds to repair Federal highways. The ranking may occur for the results of the voting in the onf project “Map of dead roads.”

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